Local Beekeeper sweetens the Bloomington Community Farmer’s Market

Dana Seiberg Palm Desert High School | July 18, 2012

Although some people may cringe at the sight of bees, local beekeeper Doreen Power proves that these misunderstood creatures are nothing to be afraid of. Power’s business, called D’s B’s, uses its own honey and wax in all of the handmade, natural products that Bloomington locals buzz about.

Power’s farm is located at her home in the heart of Bloomington.  For the past year, she has spread the joy of honey and other unique goods at the Bloomington Community Farmer’s Market. Power’s kitschy yellow cart never fails to make an appearance at the market every Tuesday and Saturday.

When asked why she adopted such an unusual hobby, Power explained that it all started with the curious case of missing pollinator.

“I was trying to grow vegetables in my yard and I couldn’t find any pollinator,” Power said, “So I would hand pollinate my vegetables. That is actually how I became a beekeeper.”

Her bees give her the ability to produce a wide variety of products, from edible honey to soaps and lip balms. No matter what the product is, though, it is guaranteed to contain a few drops of Power’s homemade honey.

“The soaps became a hobby to pay for my hobby,” Power said.

Passionate Power loves beekeeping because there is a great deal of science involved, giving her the opportunity to constantly learn new information about her favorite hobby. The art of beekeeping also allows her to stay active, both physically and mentally, and share her natural products with the public.

While many markets and stores in Bloomington are willing to sell her products, Power’s biggest challenge is making a name for her company in regions beyond. But for now, Power is nothing but thankful for the generosity and cooperation of her town.

“Bloomington is great,” Power said, “Because it has a couple of stores and markets that are willing to take your product in and listen to you.”

Anyone in the market for some of Bloomington’s signature sweetness would not be disappointed by D’s B’s products. Come visit the cart that everyone will “bee” buzzing about.

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