Share your newspaper ideas!

Lori Henson, HSJI instructor | July 8, 2009

Lori’s section editors have spent lots of time brainstorming story ideas, as have many of the other classes at HSJI! No need to keep them a secret! Share your great ideas in the comments for this post, so that your fellow HSJI-ers can take home some solid ideas for the school year.

Some things Lori’s section editors name up with were finding fresh approaches to events that happen every school year at every school in the country. Namely:

  • Success tips for incoming freshmen
  • Profiles and stories about graduating seniors
  • Profiles of alums returning for homecoming
  • Stories about preparing for and attending prom
  • Profiles and behind-the-scenes looks at big theater or musical productions
  • Explanatory stories about new construction or other changes at your school
  • Profiles of new teachers and retiring teachers

What are your ideas?